Meet IPEN's Global Representatives

IPEN Global Representatives

IPEN put out a request for volunteer IPEN Global Representatives, we were humbled by the number and quality of applicants from all over the World. We are happy to announce our newest additions to the IPEN team. Below are 50 representatives that represent 28 different countries who will help bring IPEN’s mission to a Global audience. 

Is your country missing? Contact Emily Larson at to see how to become an IPEN Global Representative.


AbuDhabi_Fawzia Gilani-Williams_Headshot

Abu Dhabi: Dr. Fawzia Gilani-Williams

As an internationally experienced educator and writer of children’s literature, Fawzia Gilani-Williams promotes creativity, positive visibility and literature-based character education. Her doctoral thesis in children’s literature and character education drew upon insights from her headships in four Islamic schools and the production of over 40 children’s books. She is currently employed by the Abu Dhabi Education Council.


Australia_Paula_HeadshotAustralia: Dr. Paula Robinson

Following a career as a senior executive, Dr. Paula Robinson is now a registered, consulting Psychologist, speaker and Managing Director of the Positive Psychology Institute specializing in the science, application and integration of traditional Psychology and Positive Psychology. Paula has completed her PhD on conceptualising and measuring Mental Fitness as well as numerous research studies, invited keynote presentations, and strategic positive change programs for government, private organisations, schools and the wider community. In 2014, Paula was invited to present at conferences in Australia, Paris, Amsterdam and Doha on her work with schools and organizations. Paula has worked with over 100 schools, training and implementing both large and smaller scale Positive Education programs for leaders, teachers, students and parents. Paula is currently an invited lecturer for the University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School and Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education. Paula has completed expert advisory panel and media roles including the NSW Department of Education, Deakin University, Wellbeing Australia and Prevention Magazine. For further information please contact


Australia_Mathew White_HeadshotAustralia: Mathew A. White PhD, Director of Well-being & Positive Education St Peter’s College – Adelaide – Australia, Principal Fellow & Associate Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education The University of Melbourne

Mathew A White PhD is Director of Well-being & Positive Education and serves on the Senior Leadership Team at St Peter’s College – Adelaide, one of the world’s most prestigious schools for boys, where he has been a faculty member since 2011. He is a Principal Fellow and Associate Professor within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne, and an Affiliate of the Well-being Institute at the University of Cambridge. Mathew’s research interests lie in leading change, education strategy, policy and international education. In recent years, he has focused on wellbeing and positive education. Mathew graduated PhD from the University of Adelaide and completed residential studies at The Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is an Affiliate of the Well-being Institute at the University of Cambridge.

He is co-editor of groundbreaking book Evidence-based Approaches to Positive Education. Mathew co-authored two papers in the Top 10 most downloaded articles in the Journal of Positive Psychology with colleagues from the Centre for Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne. He has published in the International Education Journal, International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry, International Journal of Well-being, Oxford Handbook of Happiness, Psychology and Psychology of Well-Being Theory, Research and Practice. Mathew’s public sector presentations include Wellbeing & Positive Education Round Table – No. 10 Downing Street, Government of South Australia’s Office for the Public Sector – South Australian Executive Service Leadership Program, and the Governor’s Leadership Foundation for Leaders Institute of South Australia. Mathew also represented St Peter’s College – Adelaide as lead partner in Martin Seligman’s appointment as Thinker in Residence – Department of the Premier and Cabinet for the Government of South Australia. Across the education sector, Mathew has advised university colleges, Government school systems, Catholic Education, Independent, Lutheran Schools and TAFE-SA on advances in wellbeing. He serves on the Academic Advisory Board of the Centre for Positive Psychology at The University of Melbourne, South Australia’s Health and Medical Research Institute Well-being & Resilience Centre’s Education Committee and the Education Committee of St Mark’s College, Adelaide’s largest university residential college. Before joining St Peter’s College Mathew worked at the social enterprise Teach For Australia during its start-up phase as Director of Leadership. He held positions of academic and pastoral responsibility at Geelong Grammar School for over a decade. Mathew holds degrees in English Literature, French and Education.


Australia_Steve Zolezzi_HeadshotAustralia: Dr Steve Zolezzi

Steve is a Registered Psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society. He has been a School Psychologist since 1994. He has been Head of Positive Education at Knox Grammar School and currently Reader in Positive Education.

Steve is also a Founding member of The Australasian Biofeedback Society and International School Psychologists Society. He is a Qualified Teacher, Sports Psychologist, and Physical Education Instructor. 

He has been the Deputy Head of a large Co-Educational School and was also Head of Economics. He was awarded the Teacher’s Merit Award in 1990. He has published 2 Textbooks, Economics for Senior Students and Accounting for Senior Students. Steve has also published in The Commerce Teacher and International Journal of Special Education.

Steve has a Phd in Psychology, and an Economics degree (B. Com), Sociology (B.A), Education (M.Ed), Special Education (B.Ed) , School Counselling ( B.Ed ) ,and Teaching (H Dip ED).

Steve has presented at numerous National and International Conferences on Positive Education and Appreciative Inquiry ( IPPA 2012 ICAP 2013 ECPP 2013 ).He was the Director of the First Australian Positive Education Conference in 2013 and Director of the Practising Positve Education Conference in Sydney 2015.He is also a Board member of PESA ( Positive Education Schools Association ) .


Argentina_Nati_HeadshotArgentina: Nati Ceruti

Nati is an Entrepreneur, Learning Catalyzer, Lecturer and Advisor. Nati loves to learn and share learning experiences. She delivers seminars and workshops in Argentina, Finland, UK and Netherlands. She is a Senior Innovation Advisor for the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is BA in Psychology and BA in Business Administration. She attended a Master in Cognitive Psychology and Learning (Flacso, Arg / UAM, Spain). She holds a Diploma in Mediation and Negotiation from Institut Kurt Bosch (Switzerland). She is a Certified Team Coach by Tiimiakatemia (Finland), as well as Board Member for the Tiimiakatemia Learning Network (TALN). Nati founded High Impact Learning in 2008, with the purpose of fostering Emprendizaje (learning practices that connect human beings with their passion and resources, and thus generate wellbeing). Together with her team, she works passionately to create and nurture Emprendizaje communities within private and public organizations, as well as NGOs.


Argentina_Delfina Terrado_HeadshotArgentina: Delfina Terrado

Delfina Terrado is a proactive and enthusiastic positive psychology practitioner trained to create well-being programmes and implement interventions in diverse settings. Her spark for Positive Education ignited in Ghana while creating a resiliency programme for children and youth in precarious circumstances. Ever since, she´s been working with schools and universities to cultivate a culture where flourishing individuals and communities is at the center of it. She has founded Dasein Global, which main mission is to help businesses cultivate resilience and propel them to flourish. She has strong academic credentials, including a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and qualifications in cognitive therapy and psychological trauma. 


Belgium: Lisa Bentley

Lisa is an Australian currently living in Belgium for the next three to five years as an ex-pat in support of her husbands career and is also a mother two young boys aged 10 and 7.  She has completed her Bachelor of Applied Social Science specializing in Positive Psychology and Coaching, whilst both of her children were young.  She is a passionate advocate of implementing Positive Education programs and initiatives in schools and has been for over ten years.  In 2014 she received her Certificate in Positive Education from The University of Melbourne.  Lisa believes we owe it to our children, to provide them with the emotional “tools” necessary to set them up for success in life.  Positive Psychology Interventions (PPI’s) is a whole school approach that offers schools a ground-breaking way to teach young people fundamental social and emotional skills that will prepare them for the future and is directly aimed at fostering young people’s happiness and well-being.  Lisa is currently the Leading coach at High On Life Coaching which helps clients from all walks of life using a “solution focused” approach incorporating Positive Psychology methods.


Brazil: Denise Da Fonseca Martins DSC01539

Denise is pursuing a Ph.D. in Positive Psychology, at the Universidade São Francisco (USF), Brazil. She has been studying the positive qualities, the character strengths and human virtues. Based on the VIA classification (Peterson & Seligman, 2004), the purpose of her research is the construction of a scale to assess the character strength of Brazilian youth. Furthermore, her research interests are in subjective well-being, positive youth development and positive emotions.

As a researcher, Denise has been part of a scientific journal (Psico-USF), as member of the editorial staff, where she has the responsibility to review the papers and to assess if it is able for future publications.

Denise has worked in a research group in the field of Positive Psychology at her university, where several publications have been resulted from this working group. On her background she has taken courses in Positive Psychology, finished her Master’s Degree in Psychological Assessment and had foreign living experiences (Australia and the USA). Email for contact:


Bhutan_Dorji Thinley_HeadshotBhutan: Dorji Thinley

Dorji Thinley is Director of Research and External Relations in the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB). He had taught in the colleges of education in RUB for many years before he moved to his present job. He received his PhD in education (with Cum Laude) from the University of New England, Australia. From 2008 to 2011 he was the Dean of Academic Affairs in Paro College of Education, RUB, where he taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses and mentored junior faculty. Passionate about the need for teachers to engage in continuous learning and empowerment of the inner-self, he has run numerous professional development programmes for school and university educators in Bhutan. During 2012-2013, he led the establishment of the Institute for GNH (Gross National Happiness) Studies as an independent, inclusive, secular, and non-partisan research think-tank in RUB. Developing policies and actively promoting research and scholarship in the Royal University of Bhutan, he believes that the goal of research should not be merely to “prove” something through the cold logic of empirical science. It should instead “generate social, economic, political, cultural, environmental and spiritual benefits to society”. Dorji’s writings have focused on the interaction of education and culture. His recent book (2014) explores women’s leadership journeys in local governance in Bhutan.


Canada_Nina Webster_HeadshotCanada: Nina Lee Webster

Nina Lee Webster identifies as a teacher-researcher with her many roles in Education. She is pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies, specializing in Cognition and Learning. In this capacity, she recognizes the significance of research and knowledge mobilization. As such, she contributes to conferences and publications as consumer, presenter, author and reviewer.

As a teacher, her experiences range from elementary to post-secondary, in private and public institutions. Currently, she is a Learning Strategist at Ridley College, an independent school in St. Catharines, Ontario that recently dedicated its mission and strategic initiatives to student flourishing.

For both personal and professional interest, she has followed the movement of positive psychology and education across the globe. Believing in the potential of education, she supports the revolution that stems from the evidence and wisdom of positivity. She is an active member of IPPA, CPPA, and other leading networks in the field. At Ridley, she co-chairs a taskforce on Positive Education and initiated a research partnership with the CPPA. With a commitment to sharing the field, she’s organized Positive Psychology speakers for faculty, parents, students, and the community to benefit. Her aim is to have the movement of Positive Education permeate the school and beyond.


Canada_Wendy Creelman_HeadshotCanada: Wendy Creelman

Wendy Creelman is an organizational leadership professional with expertise in creating healthy environments and high levels of employee engagement. Her award-winning physical activity and workplace health strategies have been adopted by healthcare organizations and communities. As a graduate of the Royal Roads University MA in Leadership, her passion centers on assisting people, organizations and communities to maximize well being. Wendy believes that positive psychology, mindfulness practice, strong relationships and daily physical activity are cornerstones to enabling people to thrive in today’s reality. She is an active board member for the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Canadian Positive Psychology Association.


Chile: Begonia Ochagavia 

Begonia is an Organizational Psychologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with a Minor in Entrepreneurship Management. As the first Chilean to graduate from the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2015, and due to her social vocation, she feels responsible for being a positive psychology evangelist and spread the benefits of its theory and practice within the Chilean population. 

Begonia works as Director in a non-profit organization called MotivaChile, which goal is to reduce the social inequality of the Chilean society through education. Through motivational talks and vocational guidance, it seeks to encourage vulnerable high school students to find their calling and motivate them to pursue it relentless. Begonia is also the teacher assistant of the Organizational Happiness Diploma at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez.

Regarding her hobbies, Begonia is passionate about music, art and theatre, considering them the purest expression of a person’s inner self. Energetic, motivated and people-oriented, Begonia enjoys nothing more than putting a smile on someone’s face, aiming to be the change she wants to see in the world.


China_Yukun_HeadshotChina: Yukun Zhao

Yukun Zhao is the Administrative Director of the Positive Psychology Research Center at Tsinghua University, China. He organizes events like China International Positive Psychology Conferences and Chinese delegations to the IPPA world congresses, develops programs like Positive Education curriculum and Positive Enterprise solutions, delivers speeches on positive psychology in various sectors and channels, including on Central China TV, the most influential TV channel in China. He also builds networks like Beijing Positive Psychology Association, Chinese Positive Psychology Association and serves as the Special Representative of International Positive Psychology Association to China. He received the Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2010. He also holds Master degrees of Computer Science and Chemistry from Rutgers University. Now he is in his Ph.D. program of Social Psychology at Tsinghua University, focusing in Positive Psychology and Psychology Technologies. Yukun has published three books in China, and is the translator of the Chinese version of Martin Seligman’ Flourish.


China: Guang Zeng Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.53.40 AM

Guang Zeng is the Research Director of the Positive Psychology Research Center at Tsinghua University, China. He orgranizes events like China International Positive Psychology Conference. He develops Positive Education classroom curriculum for students and positive education training courses for teachers, and implements the Positive Education Programs for many local middle schools and primary schools in Beijing, GuangDong province and other areas in China. He trained over two hundreds Chinese principals of primary schools and middle schools and helps them to transform their schools into positive organizations.

 He served as the Special representative of International Positive Psychology Association in China. He received the Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree from University of Pennsylvania. He also holds double Bachelor degrees in Finance and Psychology from Southern Methodist University. Now he is in his joint Ph.D program of Tsinghua University – UC Berkeley, focusing on Positive Education and mindfulness.

Justine Campbell LR


Hong Kong: Justine Campbell

Justine applies the science of Positive Psychology as a Coach, Counsellor and Trainer at  Mindquest Group in Hong Kong. She takes the research and turns it into practical applications to support flourishing in individuals and organisations in Asia. Justine adopts a solutions-focused and collaborative approach with clients to empower them to move proactively towards their goals. She “walks the talk” as a Practitioner applying her strengths and using optimism when it’s hardest in her own life and is passionate about doing the same for people that she comes into contact with.  

Justine is a sought after speaking focusing on strengths-based approaches to support flourishing.  She is a regular media contributor in Hong Kong on topics related to wellbeing.  In addition to the work that she does with schools in Hong Kong, she is also a Visiting Lecturer at Tsinghua University, Beijing focusing on Positive Education and Coaching Psychology. 

Justine has a Masters in Counselling (Monash), MBA (Bond) and Professional Certificate in Positive Education (UniMelb).  She is also an ICF-Accredited Coach working with individuals of all ages.  


 Hong Kong: Lucy Graham

Lucy is a solutions-focused coach, counsellor and facilitator at  Mindquest Group   in Hong Kong where she delivers strengths-based interventions in group and one-to-one settings to support positive growth in individuals to move beyond a state of just “OK”.   

Through her years of experience working with young people, Lucy understands that real solutions require more than a problem-focus.  Rather than focusing on shortcomings of individuals Lucy emphasises their potential by investigating strengths and looking at all that is going right and makes life worth living. Lucy has a Masters in Counselling (Monash) and is an ICF-Accredited Academic Life Coach.  


Colombia: Andrea Ortega Bechara 

Andrea is the founder and director of the Positive Psychology Institute Flourish in Colombia, founder and president of the Colombian Positive Psychology Association, and a member of Universidad del Sinu General Council’s board. Andrea’s goal is to conduct rigorous research in the field of positive education and positive organisational scholarship that can help individuals, communities and organizations to flourish. Andrea studied the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has a Master of Science in Organizational and Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a B.S in Philosophy from Université Paul Valery Montpellier III. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude as a lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Andrea loves teaching, spending time with her family, traveling and yoga.


Dubai: Sreekala KumarScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.56.49 AM

Sreekala has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Mumbai, India . She has been a school counsellor for the past 15 years of which  11 have been in Dubai, UAE.  Working with young people and their families is a passion and a priority for her as she firmly believe the experiences of people during the early years of their lives have a significant impact on their later years. Current research shows that  positivity can be taught and learnt which is a highly significant breakthrough considering how many people think one is just born with a sunny disposition. The educator in me is delighted to see the shifts occurring in education systems around the world as educationists worldwide acknowledge the urgent need to enhance resilience and socio-emotional skills in young people .I am really looking  forward to learning from the best in the field and to contribute so that we can truly equip youngsters with character-attitude-skills sets they need to live productive, fulfilling lives.

Finland_Emilia Lahti_Headshot


Finland: Emilia Lahti (M.Sc., MAPP) 

Emilia Lahti (M.Sc., MAPP) is focused on understanding how individuals grow from challenges and come out of hardship with a newly discovered, profound sense of strength, purpose and adaptability. Emilia is the administrator of the most prominent positive psychology website in Finland and founder of the Finnish Positive Psychology Association. She has a master’s degree in social psychology, and a master of applied positive psychology degree from UPENN. She completed her MAPP thesis on the Finnish character strength of sisu (denoting extraordinary determination in the face of adversity) under the mentorship Angela Duckworth.

Through her current PhD at the Aalto University in Helsinki (the first ever doctoral dissertation on sisu as psychological capacity), Emilia seeks to create practical, empowering solutions that alleviate human suffering and increase well-being on a global scale, leading to a more positive human future. Her long-term goal is to unearth possible ways for the cultivation of sisu and contribute to a more culturally diverse vocabulary of the determinants of resilience and achievement within the contexts of education and psychology. Emilia is a passionate anti-domestic violence advocate and systems thinker. You can find more about her work at


Finland: Kaisa VuorinenScreen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.31.11 PM

Kaisa Vuorinen is a special education teacher and she is writing her doctoral dissertation at the University of Helsinki. For her dissertation on positive pedagogy Kaisa has created the first structured program based on character strengths for the Finnish comprehensive schools to find out what teaching methods can help students flourish. 

In the spring of 2015 the first part of her program was put into practice. It is the first time in the Finnish school system in which a lesson plan building awareness of character strengths was launched. In part two and three of Kaisa’s program are used in selected schools. Approximately thirty teachers are implementing Kaisa’s approach to teaching using character strengths as a key component to learning . This experiment will go on for fifteen weeks. Kaisa follows the ideology created by the VIA institute

The third part of Kaisa’s research is already underway. She wants to find and develop applications of teaching methods using character strengths that could be used with challenging students in special education. The focus of her research in part three is finding out if using teaching methods based on character strengths help students who are in danger of dropping out of the mainstream education system.

In addition to Kaisa’s dissertation she is involved in a project called CoPassion. The research project on the revolutionary power of compassion (CoPassion) seeks to find out if compassionate companies are successful. Can competition and compassion exist in the same organization? The CoPassion project is run by the Faculty of Theology the University of Helsinki. The members of the research team represent various branches of science. The project is funded by TEKES and associates.


 Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.58.02 AMJordan: Mohammed Al-Haj Baddar

 Mohammed is an Educational Psychologist and Trainer with a passion to positivity. He did his MA in Educational Psychology in 2013. Since then he has been up to date with what is new in psychology, education, positive psychology and positive education. He has plans to do PhD in Positive Psychology and lead a positive initiative in Jordan. Now he is working hard to contribute to the positive psychology literature in Arabic. @MohBaddar


Germany: Dr. Nico Rose, MAPP Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.50.31 PM

Nico is a German organizational psychologist (WWU Muenster) and holds a doctorate in business administration (EBS Business School, Wiesbaden). Additionally, he was part of the 9th cohort of UPenn´s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program.

In his day job, Nico is a senior human resources director at Bertelsmann, Europe´s largest media corporation. Since 2008, he also works as a freelance management coach. In 2010, he was awarded the German “Coaching Award”. From 2011-14, he was a guest lecturer at International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund.

Since 2008, Nico has authored +40 articles for professional magazines, in addition to countless blog articles for his blog as well as multitude of other news outlets in Germany and the US. His work is frequently featured in German newspapers, magazines, and online publications. In December 2012, his book “Lizenz zur Zufriedenheit – Positive Psychologie in der Praxis” (License for Satisfaction: Positive Psychology in Practice) was published. Moving into the speaking arena in 2011, in the meantime, he has given some 100 speeches and keynotes, mostly on Positive Psychology and adjacent topics.

He lives in Hamm/Germany with his wife Ina and their son Mika. You can find more about his work via


Germany: Dr. Raphaela Schlicht-SchmälzleScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.13.47 AM

Raphaela is an education researcher, entrepreneur, and practitioner. Her goal is to inform and influence education policy and practice to help transform schools into environments in which people can flourish.

As a researcher she has published widely on comparative education policy across countries and on education outcomes such as schoolachievement and inequality. Her background is in Political Science and Public Administration with a Ph.D. from the University of Konstanz, Germany. 

As an entrepreneur she founded, a MOOC on public speaking for school-aged kids and informs about worldwide trends in education at Finally, as a practitioner she has years of experience in higher education teaching and – not least – is a mother of 2 kids. For them andeveryone else she wishes joyful learning experiences and meaning in life. This makes her a passionate advocate for positive education in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Raphaela works for the Office of International Studies in Education at Michigan State University.


Greece: Dora Founta

Dora Founta is a sociologist, coach and mentor. She holds a BA from Panteion University of Athens, a BA from the American College of Greece, Deree College and an MPhil from the University of Glasgow, UK. She holds a Diploma in Coaching, from the University of Cambridge, UK. , a Certification in Life coaching from the eLearning of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Certification in the introduction of Group analysis from the Greek Medical Health center.

Studying coaching and positive psychology has changed her attitude towards life and led her to a new career. She used to be a public servant and she was working in the education sector for many years   as an HR Director. At present she is working as a freelance coach and mentor in the e learning of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She also develops and delivers seminars and workshops on coaching, employability and leadership skills in various organizations and academic institutions in Greece. In 2014, she has been selected by the University of Cambridge to be one of the coaches for the Queens Young Leaders Award residential programme.

She is passionate with the practice of coaching psychology and her vision is to empower people to reach their full potential.



Iceland_Gudrun_HeadshotIceland: Gudrun Snorradottir

Gudrun Snorradottir is an educator, human resource consultant, facilitator and executive ACC coach, who has practiced Positive Psychology since 2009 as a leader and as a consultant. She is now studying PP on master level at the University of Iceland.  Her current work is at the Department of Education and Leisure in Reykjavik. She also works as a private consultant, executive coach and gives workshops/lectures in matters concerning flourishing, communication, values, strengths and how to lead with PP as a tool.


India_Sandeep Gautam_HeadshotIndia: Sandeep Gautam

While Sandeep’s day job required him to lead and manage software development teams, his real passion lay in all things psycho and neuro.

An avid psychology blogger (he blogs at Psychology Today, Times of India, etc.), he is ever yearning for more knowledge, and has deepened his expertise using MOOCs and online courses like Foundations of Positive Psychology offered by UPenn. He has also been fortunate to have education from IITD and IIMC.

Starting 2015, he took a leap of faith and left his well paid managerial job, to start his own coaching and workshop facilitation venture: Flourish Mentoring. Having done a counselling course from Snehi- a mental health NGO, and being a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, he brings a humane, compassionate, and positive approach to coaching.

As a passionate early adopter of positive psychology movement, Sandeep, brings more than 16 years of management and leadership experience, in which he has applied the strengths based approach for individual and organizational excellence. He loves to coach, groom, mentor, and shape people – touching their lives to make a meaningful difference. He is passionate about increasing happiness, engagement and creativity by leveraging positive psychology findings and applying them to workplace and school settings.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.30.29 AMIran: Alireza Memarian

Alireza Memarian is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of “European Journal of Psychology & Educational Studies“, and the Chief Executive Officer of “European Academy – Research & education”. He is passionate to promote positive psychology, Positive Education and search advanced techniques of positive Education for the public, especially schools. Memarian has done various research about effectiveness of positive education on elementary school students’ resiliency/flourishing in Iran. Memarian has been working with his colleagues to establish Positive Psychology Association and Balint Group Society in Iran in cooperation with a wide range of psychologists. They attempt to organize positive psychology, positive Education studies and research in one hand, and training Balint Group leaders on the other hand in Iran. He is working on “Positive Psychology Education” in Ph.D. to raise and promote Positive Psychology initiatives in the country.

Alireza Memarian believes that we are now moving our positive education activities to the next level – i.e. training the science that allows us to help kids and teenagers be able to flourish themselves and build better world. He believes that, to achieve this goal, we extremely need coordination between educational organizations. Memarian is familiar with both eastern and western cultures and his knowledge about business strategy, positive psychology, and education along with twenty years working and training different skills in Canada give him proper tools and insight to implement positive Education initiatives in Iran.


Ireland: Jolanta BurkeIreland_Jolanta Burke_Headshot2

Jolanta Burke is a PhD researcher at the University of Dublin, Trinity College. She is currently carrying out a nationwide study in Irish schools measuring character strengths, optimism and well-being amongst children participating in different forms of bullying behaviours. Jolanta is a co-author of a book about applying Positive Psychology to career and school counselling, which is coming out this year.

She lectures in applying Positive Psychology in Education at the School of Education, Trinity College and over the years Jolanta collaborated with a teacher training centre introducing educators to Positive Psychology. She is also a regular contributor for the biggest professional teacher magazine in Ireland and has published over 30 articles in Ireland and abroad about Positive Psychology applications.

Jolanta is an Irish representative for the European Network for Positive Psychology and appears regularly in the Irish media. Last year she hosted a weekly radio show about well-being, where she interviewed many psychologists around the world about their research. For more information please go to


Isreal_Yosef Lynn_Headshot 2Israel: Rabbi Yosef Lynn

Rabbi Yosef Lynn studied Architecture at the University of Colorado, but moved on from the study of the construction of brick and mortar edifices in order to focus on learning how to build human beings. After five years of intensive study of rabbinical law and ethics, he accepted the position of Dean of Students at The Dr. David Robinson Institute of Jewish Heritage in Jerusalem, Israel, where he serves as a senior lecturer, counselor, and personal advisor to hundreds of students and alumni.

Beyond The Dr. David Robinson Institute of Jewish Heritage, Rabbi Lynn’s Greatness Within Seminars, together with the accompanying personalized workbook, help individuals discover their unique strengths and learn how to live in accordance with those strengths, thereby achieving maximum flow and fulfillment in life. He holds a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition, Rabbi Lynn is the Director of Human Resources at MEOR, a major non-profit Jewish leadership program in the United States, he teaches the Positive Psychology course at Touro College, Jerusalem Campus, and is the Israel representative for SIPPA, Students of the International Positive Psychology Association.

He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children.


Mexio_Margarita Tarragona_Headshot 2Mexico: Margarita Tarragona

Margarita Tarragona is a psychologist who specializes in personal and relational transformation processes like coaching, psychotherapy and organizational consulting. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology/Human Development from the University of Chicago. Margarita has been the director of the Instituto de Ciencias de la Felicidad Tecmilenio, where she designed and implemented a university-wide wellbeing program that includes an undergrad positive psychology class taken by thousands of students, extracurricular activities, wellbeing at work programs for the organization, and large research projects. She also created and directed the Diploma in Positive Psychology at the Univeridad Iberoamericana, the first university-based positive psychology program in Spanish in the world. Margarita specialized in family therapy at the Family Institute of Northwestern University and the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York. She co-founded Grupo Campos Elíseos, a training institute for psychotherapists. In her work as a clinician and coach, Margarita incorporates scientific findings on flourishing from positive psychology, with collaborative and narrative ways of working with clients to generate dialogue and expand their life stories. Margarita is on the board of directors of IPPA and she publishes in academic journals and books, and in popular media.


Mexico: Rosalinda Ballesteros Mexico_Rosalinda_Headshot

Rosalinda Ballesteros (PhD) is Vice President for High School programs at Universidad Tecmilenio in Mexico. Currently overseeing the wellbeing of 15,000 young people, 2,000 teachers and about 130 administrators in 30 locations around Mexico. Expert in curriculum planning and teacher training. Avid teacher with 17 years of experience at college undergraduate and graduate levels, she is currently an associate member of the faculty of the PhD program in Humanistic Studies for Tecnológico de Monterrey, currently participating in part time teaching of the graduate course “Discourse construction in Current Humanistic Debates” and advising in thesis research for two students.

Rosalinda is also the Academic Advisor for “Peace begins with Children,” a Nonprofit peace building organization that teaches Mexican K12 teachers about peace culture. She has five years of experience in training K-12 school teachers in Peace Culture, a total of 1500 teachers have been trained in the methodology of Education for Peace International in Spanish.

At the beginning of her professional career she helped develop a robust International Program Office for Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of the most prestigious private university in Mexico. She had the opportunity to travel around the world and got interested in helping people communicate better.

She is part current class of the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and graduates from that program in August 2015.


Mexico: Luis Gutiérrez AladroMexico_Luis_Headshot

Luis is serving as Academic VP for Tecmilenio University since 2011, and has more than 18 years of experience in education. He has occupied different roles in Tec de Monterrey including director of undergraduate studies and student affairs. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Innovation, a Master in Management and a bachelor in Computer Systems Management, all from Tec de Monterrey.

He’s been recognized as a distinguished teacher, and has been a speaker related to innovation and education both in Mexico and the US; he also has been involved in projects with educational institutions, organizations and at several companies training programs.

Luis has been developing and constructing educational projects for two decades, most of which are closely related to how to improve higher education students’ formation through innovation inside and outside the classroom. He plays a key role in the team who created and is implementing the wellbeing and happiness ecosystem at Tecmilenio. His professional interests include the development and research in positive psychology, character strengths and innovation for creating better competencies in students.

Nepal_Shisir Khanal_Headshot


Nepal: Shisir Khanal

Shisir Khanal is a Co-Founder and CEO at Teach For Nepal. Teach For Nepal is a movement of young leaders dedicated improve quality of education in public schools in Nepal. Teach For Nepal  recruits and places outstanding young graduates and young professionals to teach in high need public schools for two years, where they begin their leadership journey. Over the long-term, the young leaders work inside and outside of classroom to bring fundamental change at systemic level to ensure that all children in Nepal receive an excellent education.

Prior to Teach For Nepal , Shisir Khanal worked as the Executive Director of Sarvodaya USA, a Madison, Wisconsin, USA -based non-profit organization that supports grassroots social movements around the world. As Executive Director, Shisir managed the operations, programs, donor relations, communications and fundraising efforts for Sarvodaya USA. The initiative has strong roots in Sri Lanka, and in 2008, Shisir established Sarvodaya Nepal. In 2010, he led a Facebook-based campaign to win $100,000 to construct a green school building for the Jyotidaya Cooperative School in Nepal.

Shisir completed his Master’s degree in International Public Affairs (MIPA) in 2005 from the La Follette School of Public Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Madison and has Bachelors of Arts degree in International Political Economy from University of Bridgeport in the US.

In 2012, the University of Wisconsin Alumni Association awarded Shisir with the “Forty Under 40” Award for his outstanding work in sustainable development. In 2014, International College at University of Bridgeport recognized him with distinguished alumnus honor.


The Netherlands: Jacqueline BoerefijnScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.02.22 AM

Jacqueline Boerefijn is a Biology teacher who likes to teach about the miracles of life. One day she realized that her lessons contained too many prevention-subjects with a negative twist: warnings against dangers of life, such as smoking, drinking, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy etc. She decided things needed to change, and launched the idea of happiness lessons (Lessen in geluk) for students 10-15 years. She won an Education Award after which the lessons were developed. These became and still are available at no cost for Dutch and Belgian teachers, together with a comprehensive teachers manual at

She studied Positive Psychology at UEL in London and graduated as a MAPP in 2010. She promotes and develops Positive Education in many different ways. She is founding member of the Dutch Positive Psychology Network, and editor of the Dutch Positive Psychology Journal. She is the author of books for parents and teachers about the wellbeing of teenagers and teachers. At the moment her main focus is on teacher wellbeing. She still loves to teach about the miracles of life, and powerful positive influences of nature on our physical and mental wellbeing continue to amaze and surprise her.

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New Zealand: Lucy Hone

Lucy is in her last year of PhD through AUT’s Human Potential Centre in New Zealand. Having studied on Martin Seligman’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) programme at the University of Pennsylvania, her work focuses on ways to apply the theories and research of positive psychology in real world contexts to promote mass market wellbeing. Based in Christchurch (NZ), she has assisted with promoting resilience and wellbeing among government departments, corporates and not for profit organisations in the aftermath of the 2011 – 2012 earthquakes that destroyed much of that beautiful city. In 2014 she began work with the Mental Health Education Resource Centre, touring Christchurch schools to promote wellbeing using the PERMA-V model among school staff, and is currently advising New Zealand schools on Positive Education. A member of the NZAPP Executive Committee, an Associate of the Mental Health Foundation’s Working Well team, Lucy has peer-reviewed research publications in the Journal of Positive Psychology, Social Indicators Research, and the International Journal of Wellbeing.


Norway_Merethe Dronnen-Schmidt_HeadshotNorway: Merethe Dronnen

Merethe Dronnen is working as an associate professor in Education at Volda University College, Norway and currently lectures in motivation, developmental psychology and learning. She is also the founder and managing director of  Positive Change, a company making educational programs and teachings in positive psychology. 

Merethe holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from School of Business and Leadership, Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA in addition to Cand.Paed. from the University of Oslo; a 6,5 years long study in Education and Psychology. The title of the dissertation was “The Relationship Between Character Strengths, Virtues, Self-Efficacy, and Transformational Leadership” where Merethe studied if Character Strenghts and Virtues (Peterson & Seligman) predicted Transformational leadership in Norwegian leaders. Merethe has worked 8,5 years as a personnel manager and 6 years as a pedagogical-psychological advisor in the local School Psychology Office. She is a motivational speaker, and has a strong passion for helping people discover and use their potential, so they can be the best versions of themselves. Merethe is also an author, and her book “PowerUP” is about removing limiting thought patterns so that people can think powerful thoughts about themselves and their possibilities.


Philippines: Timmy and Estela NiveraRIN ERN PHOTO 2015 2

Timmy and Estela Nivera are pastoral counselors  at the Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM),  a Jesuit   the ministry  and  at the Provincial Government of Bulacan.  They were instrumental in establishing the marriage preparation program at CEFAM and innovative chess programs for children in conflict with the law in Bulacan. With over 20 years experience as counselors, they are also consultants for academic excellence for Quezon City Academy Foundation, a co-ed secondary school founded in 1953.

As chairman and member of the board of trustees of Fullness of Life Foundation,  Timmy and Estela promoted a  Department of Education approved 2 days workshop for self-discovery and leadership using concepts  from cognitive behavior, appreciative inquiry, and systems thinking for over 5,000 teacher with overwhelmingly positive results.

Driven by their desire of assisting in upgrading the educational system of the Philippines and influenced by the books of Martin  E.P. Seligman, through their guidance, Quezon City Academy  Foundation confirmed the proposal of  the University of Pennsylvania to conduct a pioneer teachers training program on positive psychology and positive education entitled  “Positive Education in the Philippines: Educating for Academic Success and for Well-being” scheduled for  April 4 to April 13, 2016 in Quezon City, Philippines.

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Portugal: Luis Granja

Luis Granja is a 37 years old portuguese Positive Psychology Coach. After 14 years working as a sales representative in the two of the most dynamics industries (fitness and pharmaceutical) he figure out that “people” are the most wonderfull challenge in life. Because of it he took the decision to become a Certified Coach and in his path he “trapped” on happiness after in 2014 find out that Lisbon University has a MAPP program. It was love at first sight. Since 2015 he had been using Positive Psychology Interventions in Education, Coaching Teachers, Parents, entrepreneurs, leaders and teams. He find out that his meaning in life was to build “strong” human beings.

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Singapore: Sha-En

Sha-En joined the Master of Applied Positive Psychology class with a passion for educating children with the skills for well being, and since graduation founded Positive Education. Through Positive Education, Sha-En has reached out to more than 20 schools in Singapore, training and educating more than 1000 teachers and parents about the benefits of introducing positive psychology into their classrooms and homes. In 2013, she was invited to Philippines as a keynote speaker, where she engaged more than 200 teachers and counsellors on strategies on how to raise flourishing children. Currently, alongside her work with schools, she is the Wellness Director at Singapore’s inaugural liberal arts college, Yale-NUS, designing and implementing programmes and activities aimed at helping students thrive and cope with the whole adventure that is college.


Singapore: Simon LeowScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.38.35 PM

Simon Leow is fascinated by the science and possibilities of mindsets and mindfulness. He is an avid backpacker, having traversed China along the Silk Road. His interests include social-psychological interventions through experiential learning.

His dream is to set up a school and resort by the beach. With his years of experience in education, he has been exploring the possibilities of a school system where teachers can enjoy teaching; where children can enjoy learning and grow up to be compassionate people, so that the world can be a little better than the day before.

It is his deep belief that people can change for the better and that people do not have to be defined by the past. As such, he has been applying the science of positive psychology to help schools and parents experience greater human flourishing. Email: or

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Slovakia: Michaela Horvathova

Michaela worked in the area of human resources and corporate education for Anheuser-Busch InBev in New York and Belgium. Later, she worked in Brazil for a foundation aiming to increase access and quality of education. She holds BA from Florida Tech, Master of Science from Pace University and last year she completed her studies in International Education Policy at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. While at Harvard, she worked with Center for Curriculum Redesign in collaboration with OECD on developing the character education framework. Currently, she works with a team of teachers and educators to establish Central European Leadership Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is designing core curriculum and co-curricular activities to develop the students’ skills and attitudes that will prepare them for work and life beyond.


South Africa: Simon  Miller

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.49.28 AMSimon is currently employed as the psychologist for the United World College of Southern Africa – Waterford Kamhlaba. Before WK, he offered psychological services in his private practice, in school settings and in a stress and trauma centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, prior to his psychological service, he worked as a teacher (English and Life Orientation) and as programme director for an outdoor education centre. In these capacities, he enjoyed forming positive and long-lasting relationships with students. His Doctoral study investigates the role of hope and self-esteem in optimising learning and development. In addition, he holds a Master’s Degree in Education, during which he examined student voice and student leadership in school settings. Currently, he is part of the task team which is developing an improved regulatory and legislative body for Mental Health in Swaziland. In his own life, Simon has seen the importance of self-care and the relationship between mental and physical health. He is therefore enthusiastic about facilitating positive development in young people. He is married to Katherine – an educator by training – and has two delightful children.

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Spain: Ricardo Arguís Rey

Ricardo Arguís Rey is a teacher of Special Education, Psychologist and Doctor in Education. He has been working for almost 30 years in the educational field, alternating periods as a classroom teacher with other professional stages as a consultant and teacher trainer. He coordinates the SATI Team, a work group that, since 2009, has been dedicated to the study and promotion of Positive Education for students of preschool, primary and secondary education. In October 2010, this team published the “Happy Classrooms” Programme, the first handbook in Spanish addressing Positive Education with students aged 3 to 18 years, based on the principles of mindfulness and the education of character strengths. In December 2014, the English translation of this book has been published.

Ricardo combines his current work as a remedial teacher in a secondary school, with his activity as a lecturer and consultant in the field of Positive Psychology applied to Education, both in Spain and abroad. He collaborates with various Spanish universities as an invited lecturer, and has delivered numerous lectures and workshops in Spain as well as the United States, Chile and the Czech Republic. He is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association, the European Network for Positive Psychology, and the Spanish Society of Positive Psychology.

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Switzerland: Kristen Truempy

Kristen is a positive psychology trainer, advocate and podcaster from Zurich/Switzerland. Her goal is to spread the encouraging message and applications of positive psychology to people all over the world ranging from teenagers to the retired to increase the overall happiness, well-being and peace in this world. She takes education extremely personally as the system tried to square peg-round-hole her throughout her childhood. She eventually discovered the unbridled excitement of learning and studying topics that actually matter and has been spreading the joy ever since. Kristen holds a Bsc in Psychology from the Open University (Milton Keynes) and a Msc in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London.

In her other life daylighting at a bank she has gathered lots of experience teaching apprentices and interns on the job.

She teaches positive psychology classes at the community college in Zurich, writes articles and delivers workshops wherever fellow positive psychology advocates ask her to go.

She is the host of the The Positive Psychology Podcast which has been downloaded over 150’000 times in over 140 countries and was featured in Elle Magazine. She recently started the German equivalent called Glückscast.

In the year 2051 she will be smoking her first cigar to celebrate that 51% of the world population will be flourishing by then.


Turkey: Berrin Bas

Berrin is a practitioner and trainer in the field of positive psychology and a certified professional coach. Studying positive psychology has been a turning point in her life that not only led her to start a new career but also to look at life from a more meaningful perspective. Berrin is passionate about disseminating the science and practice of positive psychology and genuinely supports IPEN’s ‘Character & Wellbeing + Academics’ approach to education. She collaborates with Corporate Well-being Center ( based in Istanbul, Turkey to promote evidence-based practices of well-being in the areas of education and business.

Berrin has a B.A. in Economics from Sabanci University and completed her MAPP degree in 2012 from the University of East London. She got her coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation and the Coaches Training Institute. She is a member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council Turkey and International Coach Federation. For more information please go to


UK_Chloe Stanton_HeadshotUK: Chloe Stanton

Chloe is part of the grassroots dissemination of Positive Psychology, as a mother of three and English teacher specializing in Special Educational Needs. Chloe has more than fourteen years experience in engaging often hard to reach pupils , building relationships which help them to connect with school and achievement. Chloe has taught pupils from age 5-18, in mainstream, academically focused contexts and in small groups where nurture and therapeutic education were the foundations for learning. Her teaching experience ranges from non-verbal children with profound additional needs to highly motivated A level Literature pupils and a huge variety of classes in between. Chloe has learned something from every child that she has had the privilege to teach. 

When Chloe first ‘discovered’ Positive Psychology over eight years ago, the impact of her learning led her to commit to her personal values and focus on meaning and purpose in life by investing five years in raising her young family as a full time mum. During this period she was able to apply Positive Psychology to her approach to life and parenting on a daily basis, experiencing the benefits directly.

 With her children now all in school, Chloe is back in the classroom on a part time basis whilst she completes the final stages of a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London. Chloe is looking forward to learning from the other Global Ambassadors and supporting IPEN’s mission for a much needed paradigm shift in education. Chloe is now a PhD student at the University of East London. 


UK: Gillian Hammond

Gillian Hammond is studying for her MAPP qualification at UEL. Gillian’s main research interest is in the relationship between mindfulness practice and adolescent mental health. Gillian is also Head of Psychology in an independent girls’ school in central London. She has been the leading figure in developing a well-being and character curriculum for students at her school. Her work has helped to shape a school ethos that increasingly places wellbeing at the centre of decision making.

Gillian is a graduate of the Mindfulness in Schools programme and currently delivers a programme of Mindfulness to senior and junior school children. She has also driven an expansion of mindfulness provision by introducing highly successful programmes for both parents and teachers within her school.

Gillian is also mother to a lively toddler called Tom and has found that advances in positive psychology have helped to inform her approach to parenting. She believes that knowledge of positive psychology can help to make the experience of students, parents and educators much happier. And if happier, then more successful too.


UK_Elizabeth Ajagbe_HeadshotUK: Elizabeth Ajagbe  

Elizabeth has been in the legal profession for over 25 years. She qualified as a solicitor in 1988. After working 4 years as an Assistant Solicitor she set up her own Firm in 1992. Elizabeth built a thriving Solicitor’s Practice specialising in Real Estate, with over 1,000 clients. Elizabeth has always had a keen interest in personal development and helping people fulfil their potential. This led her to sell her Practice and start teaching. Elizabeth has been teaching for over 15 years. She joined the University of Law [formerly College of Law] in 2000 as a Lecturer and is now a Senior Lecturer. Elizabeth has been exploring how to help her students grow and flourish in the competitive world of law.

Elizabeth has been studying positive psychology since 2011 and is now running workshops at the University of Law on positive psychology, in particular character strengths. She gave a presentation in 2014 at the University’s Learning and Teaching Conference on Character Strengths and Student Engagement. Elizabeth has also given talks on character strengths at other educational institutions e.g. Hult International Business School.

Elizabeth is passionate about the practical application of positive psychology especially character strengths. She participated in the Jubilee Centre’s Research on the place of virtues and values in the Legal Profession. Her mission is to help young people discover their character strengths and use them to increase their wellbeing, authenticity and success in their life.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.54.22 AMUK: Clive Leach

Clive is an organisational coach and a graduate of the University of Sydney Coaching Psychology Unit where he was first introduced to Positive Psychology. Over the past 7 years Clive has been actively applying coaching and positive psychology within the government, corporate and education sectors. His mission is to help create flourishing individuals, teams, organisations and communities through a focus on leadership capability, career development, mental toughness & well-being. 

As a former youth worker and head of youth services in the UK, with international teaching experience, Clive has embraced ‘Positive Education’. He has designed and delivered programs for leaders, teachers, students and parents in Australia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong & the UK targeting international, state, independent & special needs schools, and the university and community education sectors.

Clive is a published author and has spoken on Positive Education at numerous international conferences. He is lead author on the chapter ‘The Integration of Coaching & Positive Psychology in Education’ in the Sage publication ‘Coaching in Professional Contexts’. A long time advocate for positive psychology in youth work he is also lead author on Flourishing Youth Provision – The Potential role of Positive Psychology & Coaching in Enhancing Youth Services’ in the International Journal of Evidence-based coaching & Mentoring. He has also both advised and coached on ‘The Helmsman Project’, which is subject to a Sydney University study exploring the outcomes of evidence-based coaching and ocean sailing for at risk young people.

Now returning to a London base Clive is delighted to have the opportunity to share his experience in the UK and to promote further the IPEN Manifesto.


 UK: Dr Karen Mary Wadey

Dr Karen Mary Wadey, BA (Hons) Psychology, PGCE, MSc Applied Positive Psychology (Distinction), D.Ed.Ch.Psy, HCPC registered Educational Psychologist. 

Karen is an Educational Psychologist for an inner London Borough. She has completed her doctorate in Educational Child Psychology and is a HCPC registered psychology Practitioner. Her passion is Positive Education, the application of Positive Psychology in Education and she is UK global representative for the International Positive Education Network (IPEN).  She is particularly interested in Wellbeing and Mental health in schools, and is passionate about promoting approaches in education related to Growth mindset, Character Strengths, increasing all children and young people’s Self Determination, Hope, Optimism, Self-efficacy and Self-actualisation. Karen has worked with children and adolescents in education for 30 years – initially as a primary and secondary teacher, and now as an Educational Psychologist.  Karen is also a trained Mindfulness in Schools Practitioner (registered with MISP to teach .b and .paws mindfulness courses).


USA_Shirley F Moulton_HeadshotUSA: Shirley F. Moulton

Ms. Moulton is the President The ACADEMi of Life, a social enterprise, in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) industry, focused on the personal growth and development market segment. Her fundamental belief is that there is no work more important than the inner personal development and mental well-being of a human being.

She is the former CEO and Founder of Universal Solutions, Inc. (USI), a full service national Information Technology consulting firm whose sole purpose was to help clients more effectively and efficiently run their businesses by optimizing the use of advanced technology. She ran the firm for over 22 years.

Ms. Moulton currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board of the Women Presidents Organization, an international membership group of over 1800 women business owners headquartered in NYC. She has served on and chaired several other non-profit boards and has received numerous business awards, honors and media recognition and was an Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist of 2000 & 2001.

Moulton holds a Masters in Business Administration – Finance from Temple University- Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Lincoln University- Pennsylvania.

Moulton is currently working on a book: “Survival of the Happiest: The Guide to Becoming a Human Being,”


USA_Susan Dinnocenti_HeadshotUSA: Susan (Sue) T. Dinnocenti

Susan (Sue) T. Dinnocenti, Ph.D., has been a practitioner and explorer of Positive Psychology (PP) for the last 12 years. She has over 30 years’ experience in education, business, and training and has taught all level learners aged 3-103. Sue has created programs for school reform, English Language Learners (ELL), and earned her doctorate as a research assistant for the National Research Center for the Gifted/Talented at the University of Connecticut-Storrs. She was a contributing author in designing and implementing a nationally recognized gifted/talented curriculum for all learners in the regular classroom and studied the perspective of learning environments for urban elementary students utilizing laptops in the classroom in 2000 when www technology was just becoming available to schools.

Her favorite and most passionate creation is her graduate course “PP and Purpose for Classroom Learners,” which focuses on strategies, strengths, and social/emotional wellness techniques a classroom teacher can utilize daily to develop strengths, potential, and passion in all learners. Sue is excited to be part of the IPEN network to assist in the mission of creating and sustaining environments where young people flourish and are passionate about realizing their potential.


USA: Katie CurranScreen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.28.09 PM

Katie Curran, MAPP is a social innovator and entrepreneur passionate about being a catalyst for human flourishing. Katie holds a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Positive Psychology and Resilience Training Consultant. She founded Strength Based Behavior Consulting in 2008, where she works with individuals, schools and organizations fusing well-being and resilience skills with behavior analytics to help them thrive.  She is an international speaker and field innovator on topics of Positive Psychology, specifically Positive Education and Behavior Analysis. She was a leader on the UPenn Master Resilience Training team, working alongside the United States Army from 2009 to 2014 in the largest Positive Psychology intervention in history. Additionally, Katie has been a leader of international Positive Education trainings, leading workshops on the topic of Well-Being and Happiness in Education.

Focusing her efforts more locally, she is currently working with public and private schools in New Jersey to implement school and district wide Positive Education initiatives. Katie has authored articles on the topics of Goals Setting, Hope Theory, and Learned Happiness. In addition to her commitment to Positive Psychology training, Katie has over 15 years of clinical experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Personally, Katie is a recreational triathlete and loves to catch a yoga class or tennis clinic in her hometown of Princeton, NJ.   Her unique use of and passion for both the evidence-based findings of Positive Psychology and principles of behavior allows her to draw out the best in all she works with.

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USA: Virginia Millar

Virginia Millar, a 2008 graduate of the Penn MAPP program, is a full-time public school teacher of special needs students in a low-income Junior High School in southern New Jersey, US. Her current work employs well-being measures and standardized academic data to assess the impact of her after-school Girl Power club. Since 2010, Millar has used a well-being framework to design, implement and assess the outcomes of her club’s positive psychology-driven curricula. As expected, analyses show consistent correlations between targeted well-being growth and academic performance. Millar also works for the Penn MAPP program in Philadelphia in her 4th year as an assistant instructor to MAPP Director James Pawelski’s course, Foundations of Positive Interventions.

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USA: Erin Hearn

Erin Hearn serves as the Manager of Special Programs for Uplift Education, the largest high performing charter school network in Dallas, TX.  She specializes in creating curriculum, events, and professional development that accelerate the network’s social emotional learning and college motivation strategic priority. Additionally, Erin is working with Penn Resilience Program and as a consultant to various high school and college institutions who have prioritized access to and success for unrepresented student populations. Erin believes that the key to college persistence is character education, student wellbeing, and self-discovered meaning and purpose.  She graduated with a BA in psychology from Penn State and holds a MAPP degree from the University of Pennsylvania.